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I think anyone who knows me would agree that the term ‘Fashionably Late’ is kind of like the catch phrase to my life on most days.

I tend to be one of those people who spend hours trying on different outfits before I find the perfect one. And on those particular occasions I often end up rushing to get done and arriving after time.

For those of you who have busy days and limited time to prep an outfit for an event or occasion, I’d like to share a quick and simple styling tip which has worked for me when I’m in a rush and shortened how long it takes me to get ready by at least half the time.

Create a blank canvas!

So what exactly do I mean by this? Think basic garments like tights and tank tops in one solid neutral color, pair it with a great statement piece, accessorize and you’ll be ready to go.

Since the nature of this style tip revolves around punctuality, I thought this military inspired look would be well suited for the post (given the strict time codes adhered to in the military).

I created my blank canvas by wearing all black and then added one piece of color, which would be the crop top, to make a statement and some accessories to lift the look.


Photography by Kim Pietersen : contact –
(also check out where Kim is co-founder & editor)
img_4442-2img_4398-5img_edit-4381-4img_4495-3img_4542Crop top made/designed by me, Mr Price sweater & tights, Steve Madden boots, Police watch, Lovisa hair accesory, Vintage sunnies


So the next time you find yourself in a time crunch or even if you’re struggling to find something to pair with a cool unique garment, remember to keep it basic and use one special piece to create the interest.

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