Sheer Deceit

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Lace, organza, tulle, chiffon……these fabrics exude luxury, whimsy and femininity and are some of my go to fabrics when looking for something eye catching to express my personal sense of design and bring my sketches to life.

When wearing garments made from these fabrics or any see through fabric,  I often find myself in the awkward situation of trying to find something I am comfortable with wearing underneath them.

I don’t mind exposing a strap or a small snippet perhaps but something I have not yet gained the courage to do is walk around with my entire bra (or even worse, bottoms) on display. Unless I’m at the beach or near a pool it is definitely a no go area for me.

So with that being said if you’ve managed to overcome this discomfort or have never had it to begin with, then all the power to you! If you’re still facing the awkwardness along with me then have a look at a few tips I keep in mind when dressing for sheer:

– Invest in a clean cut classic nude cami and slip dress, the closer a match to your skin tone the better. When a garment is slightly sheer and one can vaguely see through it, the best solution is to wear nude undergarments as it blends in with your skin tone and gives off the illusion that nothing is under there.

– Bet on black. Ever heard the saying black goes with everything? Well in my opinion it pretty much does, it is always a safe option to wear under any sheer garment. If the garment is a dark color the black undergarments will blend in tonally and if the garment is a light color the black undergarments will give it a bit of an edge in its contrast. I always keep a black cami and shorts in my draw to pull this look off.

– Opt for a crop top or bralet. If you’re feeling like testing the look but not totally ready for full brassiere exposure go for something with a little bit more length like a crop top or bralet. This will help to emphasis the sheer look you’re going for without exposing more than you’re comfortable with.

– Learn to layer. Sheer doesn’t have to mean that you need to show some skin, it could be an interesting way to play with texture and create a cool new look with multiple pieces in your wardrobe.

– Design matters. Remember no matter how you wear it your undergarments will be seen therefore make sure they are presentable. Lace designs are always pleasing to the eye and create interest, Sports bra’s create a fun, funky yet casual look or keep it classic, clean cut and tasteful.

Hopefully this helps when you’re next faced with a sheer decision!


Photography by Terry Cozett : contact –

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Dress & Skirt designed/made by me, Edgars undergarments, YDE earrings, Mr Price belt, Police watch, Shoes from a little Chinese shop in Wynberg


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